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Latest publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

(RRM related papers only)

Geržinič, N., Van Cranenburgh, S., Cats, O., Lancsar, E., & Chorus, C. (2021). Estimating decision rule differences between ‘best’and ‘worst’choices in a sequential best worst discrete choice experiment. Journal of choice modelling, 41, 100307.

van Cranenburgh, S., & Collins, A. T. (2019). New software tools for creating stated choice experimental designs efficient for regret minimisation and utility maximisation decision rules. Journal of choice modelling, 31, 104-123.

Van Cranenburgh, S. & Alwosheel, A. (2019). “An artificial neural network based approach to investigate travellers’ decision rules”. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. 98(1), 152 -166.

Van Cranenburgh, S. Rose, J. M. & & Chorus, C. G. (2018). “On the robustness of efficient experimental designs towards the underlying decision rule”. Transportation Research Part A, 109(0), 50-64.

Van Cranenburgh, S. & Chorus, C. G. (2018). “Does The Decision Rule Matter For Large-Scale Transport Models?”. Transportation Research Part A, in press.

Chorus, C. G. & Van Cranenburgh, S. (2018). “Specification of regret-based models of choice behaviour: formal analyses and experimental design based evidence—commentary”. Transportation, 45(1), 247-256.

Van Cranenburgh, S. & Prato, C.G. (2016). “On the robustness of Random Regret Minimization modelling outcomes towards omitted attributes”.  Journal of Choice Modelling. 18(0), 51-70.

Van Cranenburgh, S., Guevara, C.A. & Chorus, C.G. (2015). “New Insights on Random Regret Minimization Models”.  Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 94(0), 91-109.

Chorus, C.G., Van Cranenburgh, S. & Dekker, T. (2014). “Random regret minimization for consumer choice modeling: Assessment of empirical evidence”. Journal of Business Research, 67(11), 2428 - 2436.

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Van Cranenburgh, S. (2013) Vacation travel behaviour in a very different future. Ph.D. thesis, Delft University of Technology

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