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RRM models
Human choice behaviour is predictably irrational - Dan Ariely -
Random Regret Minimization models aim to add  insights from behavioural psychology into the econometric framework of discrete choice modelling

Hi all,

Welcome to my website. Often I encounter new models or estimation techniques in the scholarly literature which are potentially useful for me. However, the burden to code that new model can be high: it simply requires time. With this website I hope to lower that burden for researchers and practitioners interested to see whether recent RRM models and methods can be useful for them.


Under the tab 'RRM models & Software' you can find code to estimate:

Software code is available for commonly software packages: 

Under the tab 'More RRM methodology' you can find recently developed RRM methodology, dealing with:

Furthermore, for those visitors who are not here for estimation code, in the 'About' tab and 'Publications' tab you can find out more about my research.

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